Skimming/Scanning activity – Bus timetable

timetable eng

Bus timetable from Malaga Centre to Airport

timetavle kor

Bus timetable from Gang-nam station to Airport

Topic: What time should I take a bus to get the airport?

Target age/level: adults/intermediate

Skills: Skimming and scanning skills

Objective: Students are able to analyze differences between two different-originated bus timetables by using skimming and scanning strategies.

Pre-reading: Draw students’ attentions by asking some questions to students like how to get here today or what time did you get on the bus to get here. Also, showing pictures of bus and its timetable.

While-reading: Let students see the two different bus timetables quickly (1st reading). It is for a gist so the teacher would better asking students on general questions.

Skimming questions (general questions)

(1) Where does a bus in each timetable head to?

(2) How many times of operations are on?

(2) What color of each timetable are used?

After first reading, students are able to answer above general questions easily. The teacher ask questions as a class and let them answer it together because it is easy. For this time, to grab details in each timetable so students can compare and contrast. Let them see or read the timetables more by giving enough time (2nd reading).

Scanning questions (detail questions)

(1) When is the first bus to head airport in each bus timetable?

(2) What‘s the interval between buses on weekdays from Malaga to airport?

(3) How often do the buses run from Gang-nam station to airport?

(4) What are some differences between two different bus timetables?

Post-reading: The teacher distribute two bus timetables; one is in the area that school is located and the other is the area anywhere. By using authentic material, students are able to acquire two strategies effectively and eventually, use them naturally. It would be a brief review as activity. After that, let students to talk each other where/when do they have to get on the bus to be on time for school? for further.


Skimming/Scanning activitiy – Starbucks menu


Starbucks Menu in Korea


Starbucks Menu in USA

Target age/level:adults / intermediate

Skills: skimming and scanning skills

Objective: Students are able to compare and contrast similarities and differences in two menu by using skimming and scanning skills. As using these skills, students are able to read more effectively.

Pre-readingA teacher draws students’ attentions by asking questions related with coffee. After that, the teacher shows two different menu on PPT to students and talks to them what’s our topic for today. Also, at this point, teachers give a brief instruction make students to use skimming skill and scanning skill.

While-reading: Let students do (first reading): give them a limited time, less than 5 minutes so they can read trough for a gist. After that, giving them general questions below.

Skimming Questions (general questions):

(1) What languages are used in each menu board?

(2) How many beverages are on each menu?

(3) What colors are used in each menu?

For this time, students read again for details(2nd reading); comparing and contrasting analysis between menu in two boards. Let students have more than 5 minutes so that they can answer if they are asked with specific questions.

Scanning Questions (detail questions):

(1) Is there any different beverage in Korean Starbucks menu compared to menu in  USA? (tell me three)

(2)What sizes of beverage in USA and Korea?

(3) What kinds of smoothies in USA?

(4) How much is a grande skinny vanilla latte in USA?

(5) If you add Frappuccino Roast in a tall size red bean frappuccino, how much would that be?

(6) If you want to size up your Mocha cookie crumbles from grande to venti, then how much do you have to pay more?

Post-reading: Let students to have further comprehension on skimming and scanning reading strategies. The teacher assigns students in 4 different groups. Then, teacher makes each group to create 2 skimming questions and 4 skimming questions by using ads section in newspaper. Let them present in class.


Toondoo – Reading activity


Target Age/Level: Elementary school students/ pre-intermediate

Topic: “I want to have…”

Objective: Students are able to learn how to use phrase, “I want to have…”

How to do this activity: Click here to see my cartoon =>Toondoo

Pre-reading: Engage students by asking students what they want to do on Christmas. then, ask fallowing question what they want to have for Christmas present.

While-reading: Let students read the cartoon (1st reading) then, ask them what they can see in the cartoons. Once again, let students read the cartoon then, for this time, ask them what each bear wants for Christmas.

Post-reading:Let students talk about what they want to have for Christmas present. Share as a group, then present in the class.

Aim: This activity is aimed to improve students’ reading ability. The activity during post- listening period is aimed to make students use the terms they learn from reading. *NOTE : It is important to make students read the cartoons several times. Teachers have to make students use the phrase “I want to have ….. ” when they share their opinions. Therefore, it is recommended to follow “How to do this activity”.

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Blood Types

Click here to see the Result

Purpose: In order to make student engage in class which is about blood type (topic), teacher releases a class survey form one or two days ahead. Students do a poll embedded in Google form survey and the teacher can see the result after closing the poll. Before the class topic on blood type, the teacher let students know the class result as engaging part of the lesson.

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<Frequently used words in my 1st Journal>

LearningEducation, Knowledge

SecondNext, Subordinate

Institutions Institutes, Organizations

TeachingEducation, Instructing

People Human beings

TrueReal, Valid



WritingPrinting on paper

ReadingInterpretation in written words


Goanimate – Listening activity


Target Age: from middle school students to high school students

Target Level: Intermediate

Topic: Debate about “Influences of TV”

Objective: Students are able to learn and use the terms frequently used in debate setting

How to do this activity: Click here to go see my Goanimate


– Teach some critical words to students

– Make students guess the topic of listening


– Let students listen to the movie clip (1st listening): after 1st listening, a teacher ask what’s the topic in the clip

– Let students listen the clip once again (2nd listening): this time, the teacher asks some of specific questions regarding materials in the clip

– Let students have one more chance to listen the clip so that they can not only check the answers but also comprehend full information


– Ask students about their opinion about influences of TV in their lives

– Also, the teacher can have continuous debate in the class

Aim: This activity is aimed to improve students’ listening ability. The activity during post-listening period is aimed to make students use the terms they learn from listening.

Note: It is important to make students listen to the clip several times. It is not recommended for teachers to ask specific questions at the first time because it possibly make student depressed and stressed out. Also, it may cause students not to concentrate on the 2nd and 3rd listening. Therefore, it is recommended to follow “How to this activity”.

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